Amicus Prime Robot


ttach a Butterfly Amicus Prime table tennis robot to your ping pong table and train or play anytime you want for as long as you want. Easily attach to or remove from any standard table tennis table. Lightweight and portable. Includes a free high quality Carry Bag for easy transport or storage. Also comes with 120 Butterfly balls and tech support from the Robot Guru.

With its special 3-wheel design, Amicus robots can deliver any spin type without rotating the head. Change spin type, spin amount, speed, placement, and trajectory on each shot in a drill. Use Individual Frequency Control (IFC) to fine tune timing between shots. Activate the mirror function to instantly change a drill so it runs correctly for either a left or right handed player. Made in Hungary, Amicus Prime is far and away the best ping pong robot available.

Includes an Android tablet with 21 pre-saved drills. Simply select a drill, tap Start, and begin playing instantly. Watch a demonstration video showing a top player doing the drill to learn better techniques. All drills show top-view and side-view diagrams so you know the speed, spin, placement, and order of all shots in the drill in one quick glance. Or randomize shots so you don’t know where the ball will be thrown next. Use Cycle mode for table tennis interval training to improve your physical condition and table tennis skills at the same time.

Create and save virtually unlimited number of custom drills. Place drills in any order and give them custom names. Search customized drill descriptions or titles to quickly locate the drill you want. Share drills with friends and coaches via email or Facebook. Printed Owner’s Manual included and also available onscreen. Update app & firmware directly from the app. Keep the tablet charged direct from the robot with the supplied USB cable. Alternatively, download the app to any Android or iOS device to control the robot.

If you want the best table tennis robot, this is it. Prime = No Compromise



Special features of AMICUS PRIME:

  • Ball frequency of up to 120 balls per minute. Spin type, spin amount, speed, trajectory, and placement can vary from ball to ball.
  • Control the robot with the application on tablet (or user supplied Android or iOS device). Tablet connects wirelessly to robot via Bluetooth.
  • Software and firmware regularly updated with help of the app. Several robots may be operated by one device (consecutively).
  • Tablet can be re-charged directly from the robot with the included cable.
  • Use the Mirror button to reverse drills to match your dominant hand so forehand/backhand placements are correct.
  • 3rd ball attack training with serve detection to know when to release the first return
  • Randomize placements, size of landing spots, and/or ball types to create game-like training routines.
  • Test individual balls within a drill by using the Sample button.
  • Customize the time interval between any two consecutive balls with the Individual Frequency Control (IFC).
  • Easily incorporate interval training into your table tennis practice sessions with the Cycle function.
  • Pre-programmed with 21 drills created by German Butterfly Coach Richard Prause. Pre-programmed drills can be modified or replaced.
  • Learn proper technique by watching the integrated videos that demonstrate a top player properly practicing each pre-programmed drill.
  • Sequence together several drills so they run automatically one after the other or randomly.
  • Start, stop, or change ball frequency with the included key-fob-like remote switch (small, lightweight and easy to fit in pocket).
  • To download the app for FREE, please click HERE

What Is Included With The Unit:

  • Robot & Android Tablet
  • Ball Collection Net
  • Universal power supply, cables, & US Adapter Plug
  • Printed Owner’s Manual in English, German, & French
  • Remote Switch
  • Accessory Packet with spare parts & tools
  • FREE 120 Butterfly Training Balls
  • FREE Carry Bag
  • 3-year warranty & 5-year parts availability guarantee
  • FREE Tech Support from the ‘Robot Guru’, Larry Thoman (30+ years of experience with table tennis robots, author of 7 different owner’s manuals & holder of 3 table tennis robot patents)