Amicus Start Robot


Attach Butterfly Amicus Start table tennis robot to your ping pong table and train, practice, or play anytime you want for as long as you want. Easily and quickly attach to or remove from any standard table tennis table. Lightweight and portable. Includes a free high quality Carry Bag for easy transport or storage. Also comes with 120 Butterfly Easy Balls and tech support from the Robot Guru.

Its special 3-wheel design delivers any spin type without rotating the head. And its unique guide plate enables nearly instant changes to left/right placement and up/down trajectory. The only robot you can adjust the head height. Accepts both 40 & 40+ balls. Made in Hungary from highest quality materials.

Start is the ideal choice for those wanting a clean straightforward interface without a lot of options. Select the desired spin, speed, trajectory, and placement for shot 1. Then add up to 5 more shots, changing placement as desired. Randomize shots so you don’t know where the ball will be thrown next or enlarge the landing spot for more human-like throws. Then set the ball frequency to a comfortable (or challenging!) pace.

Robots are a great way to rapidly accelerate your development. Fantastic training aid to assure high quality shots, even when a coach or better player is unavailable. Transform a room in your home into a professional training space available anytime. This top-notch practice trainer never tires and is always ready to challenge you. Avoid low quality shots and wasted time when 2 novices practice. Hit 10 times (or more) shots in the same time as normal practice between 2 players to quickly build stroke muscle memory.



Special features of AMICUS START:

  • Simple interface
  • Up to 6 balls per drill, all balls with same spin, speed, & trajectory
  • Ball frequency of up to 100 balls per minute
  • Left-right Placement can change for each ball in a drill.
  • Connected with help of an easy and secure thin cable.
  • Optional: Key-fob-like remote control (small, lightweight and easy to fit in pocket).


What Is Included With The Unit:

  • Robot & Control Panel
  • Ball Collection Net
  • Universal power supply, cables, & US Adapter Plug
  • Printed Owner’s Manual in English, German, & French
  • Accessory Packet with spare parts & tools
  • FREE 120 Butterfly Training Balls
  • FREE Carry Bag
  • 3-year warranty & 5-year parts availability guarantee
  • FREE Tech Support from the ‘Robot Guru’, Larry Thoman (30+ years of experience with table tennis robots, author of 7 different owner’s manuals & holder of 3 table tennis robot patents)